"If your child struggles with anxiety, "William, The What-If Wonder", by Carol Wulff, is just the book you and your child have been looking for.  Based on Wulff's own successful experiences helping her own child deal with the day-to-day worries, the story is told in upbeat rhyme accompanied by Clare Willett's bright, kid-friendly illustrations.  End notes by pediatric psychologist, Margaret R. Mauzé, PhD, ABPP, provide a practical explanation of how this technique, called "cognitive reframing" can help children cope with anxiety issues." 

– Gloria G. Adams, Chidren's Author, and Editor


“This wonderful book introduces children to the powerful tool of cognitive reframing in an approachable and engaging manner.  It’s a must-read for all families whose children’s minds are filled with “what ifs.”  I’m so glad a tool like this exists and I will definitely be recommending it to families!”

– Lauren LaRue Walker, MD, FAAP Assistant Professor Pediatrics


“As a pediatrician in private practice for over 18 years, I estimate that at least half of the visits I see each day relate directly or indirectly to anxiety in my patients or their parents. This book is a beautifully illustrated, wonderful tool to help parents assist their child to navigate through their anxieties (or the what-ifs).  As a parent, I am familiar with the “what-ifs”.  I would have loved to have this children’s book years ago.”

– John T. Fitch, Jr., MD, FAA


“This book is a great age- and developmentally appropriate way to teach children how to manage their “worry thoughts.” The book is designed around a common situation that most children, and adults, can identify with, and can then use the simplicity of the strategy to generalize to other situations. The information at the end is very helpful, as well.”

Kate Eshleman, PsyD Pediatric Psychologist