William, The What-If Wonder


William, The What-If Wonder On His First Day of School by Carol Wulff.

"It's the first day of school and William is sure it will be a disaster.  What if the bus passes by his street?  What if he can't find his desk?  What if he gets lost?  These pestering what-if thoughts make him feel nervous and scared.  But, wait!  What if the day turns out to be amazing? Discover what William learns that turns his day around!

A touching story with charming illustrations that will help children recognize the difference between worry and reality through the introduction of cognitive re-framing, or seeing the same situation in a new view.  A Note to Parents and Caregivers, written by board certified child psychologist Margaret R. Mauzé, PhD, ABPP, gives more information on child-friendly ways to manage anxiety.

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“Worried and scared as I roll out of bed, so many what-ifs inside my head!”